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茲訂於2013年9月13日星期五下午七時正假座於龍朝酒家(九龍彌敦道233-239號佐敦薈3樓, 近佐敦地鐵站)舉行本校友會全體會員大會,會上將考慮並酌情通過召開大會通告所載的普通決議案。凡符合資格及擁有投票權的會員有權列席會議,敬希撥冗準時出席共商議案。會員大會後設晚餐聚會,費用為港幣三百元正(餘額由會務經費補貼)。


出席與否請回覆e-mail:caiquint@alumni.cuhk.net   到秘書處陳華勝博士(理事兼司庫),以便統計及確認人數。

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Pokémon Crystal Version

Pokémon Crystal Variation is the 3rd and also last Generation II core collection ready Game Kid Color. It was launched as a solitary version to Pokémon Silver and gold, which were released one year before. It was released in Japan on December 14, 2000, in The United States And Canada on July 29, 2001, and also in Europe on November 2, 2001.

It featured different fixes as well as some brand-new additions, most notably the introduction of the alternative to play as a lady. It takes place around Johto like Gold and Silver, with access to Kanto given later on in the game, with the gamer's beginning town being New Bark Community.

The Japanese variation had even more new attributes, all pertaining to a mobile phone-related connecting technology usable through the Pokémon Mobile System GB when attaching a Mobile Video game Kid Adapter to a Game Child Shade or Video Game Young boy Breakthrough (original or SP).

The game was released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on January 26, 2018. If you do not know where to download pokemon crystal you can go to our website https://freeromsdownload.com/roms/gameboy-color/pokemon-crystal-version-v1-1-usa-europe and download the game for free and registrations


The player is called to Professor Elm's lab to run an errand. He offers the gamer with among three Pokémon: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile to help them get to Mr. Pokémon's house. The gamer fulfills Kanto's very own Professor Oak throughout the errand for Elm. Oak, persuaded that the gamer has started their very own Pokémon trip, gives them a Pokédex. En route back, the player is assaulted by a spiteful and strange Pokémon Instructor. Upon the player's return to New Bark Community, they are notified that somebody has actually gotten into Professor Elm's laboratory as well as has actually swiped a Pokémon, the very same Pokémon that the Fitness instructor from earlier battled with (the Pokémon that the gamer's starter is weak against); a lot more so, that identical Trainer fits the description of the Pokémon thief. This Fitness instructor will end up being the player's competitor for the program of the game, having several conflicts with the player regarding what it indicates to be the world's best Pokémon Fitness instructor.

Team Rocket has actually returned with a new perspective, considering that the disappearance of their leader Giovanni, and also once again tries to take control of the globe, beginning with the Johto region. They begin with petty points (such as removing the tails of Slowpoke to offer as food for a high rate) prior to becoming extra unscrupulous, such as a strategy to make use of radio frequencies to synthetically cause development in some Pokémon at the Lake of Craze near Mahogany town. When the gamer defeats or captures the Red Gyarados rampaging in the lake, Lance will certainly show up and also congratulate the player for their fighting and demands that the player aid him discover the resource of the radio signals. When the player returns to Mahogany community and gets in the Souvenir Store, they will find Lance and also his Dragonite intimidating the man in the shop. A secret door will available to the Rocket base, which was exposed by a Rocket Grunt to be an old ninja hideout. After the gamer beats the Rocket Exec located in the hideout, Lance asks the player to help him knock out the Electrode powering the device generating the radio waves.

After completing this job, Lance many thanks the player as well as gives them the HM Whirlpool. After the player beats Pryce – the leader of Mahogany Health club – Teacher Elm will call the player and also tell them about uncommon broadcasts from the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City. When the gamer reaches Goldenrod City, it is revealed that Group Rocket has actually taken control of the Radio Tower, their intent being to try to call their missing leader, Giovanni, and persuade him to go back to Team Rocket. Also, the Director of the Goldenrod terminal has actually been abducted and also replaced by an impostor. After the player beats the impostor, he will certainly tell them the location of the actual Supervisor. When the player frees the actual Director, he will certainly offer the player the Card Trick, which opens the door on 3F of the Radio Tower as well as results in the Rocket Exec presently in charge of the group. The player beats the executive and also Group Rocket officially dissolves for a second time. The Director compensates the gamer with a Clear Bell.

Throughout the journey, the gamer will certainly also encounter Suicune, a Legendary Pokémon that passes through Johto after the player stirs up the 3 Famous beasts from their rest at the Burned Tower. Unlike Raikou as well as Entei, Suicune pays attention to the gamer; in a similar way, Eusine reveals passion in Suicune, having sought it for ten years and ultimately catching a glimpse of it thanks to the gamer. As Eusine challenges the player to a fight near Cianwood City, it becomes clear that Eusine intends to earn Suicune's regard to ensure that he can figure out what it is that it looks after. Nevertheless, it is when the gamer is entrusted with the Clear Bell that the Wise Trio enable them to enter the Tin Tower, where Suicune has arrived to place them to the test. Later in the tale, after the gamer has verified their ability to touch the spirits of Pokémon by capturing all 3 of the Famous monsters, Ho-Oh go back to the Tin Tower after 150 years of testing humans from afar.

As in all previous video games, the main objective of the gamer is to defeat all the Gym Leaders of Johto, win all 8 Badges, and also tackle the Elite 4 as well as the present Pokémon Organization Champ. Later, the gamer will certainly be able to take a trip to the region of Kanto and also take on the Kanto Gym Leaders for their Badges. After winning all eight Badges, Teacher Oak will certainly provide the gamer consent to visit Mt. Silver and encounter the protagonist from Generation I, Red.


The latest in the Gold & Silver series!
Travel back to the world of Johto as the Gold & Silver series continues with all new functions! Whether you're reading the fresh descriptions in your Pokédex, making use of the one-of-a-kind kind feature to arrange your Pokémon in brand-new ways, seeing the all-new fight computer animations, or discovering one more means to record Suicune, you'll need every one of your Poké-skills to understand Pokémon Crystal on your Video Game Child Shade!

  • Open the secrets of the Unown! All-new challenges and also rewards await you in the Damages of Alph!
  • Fight through the Battle Tower, a difficult event including Johto's finest fitness instructors!
  • For the first time, play as a male or women fitness instructor!
  • Trade with Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, and Yellow variations to catch 'em all!
  • Compatible with Pokémon Stadium 2 for the Nintendo 64!

Adjustments from Pokémon Gold and Silver

  • Aesthetic adjustments
  • A female gamer personality, Kris, is presented, noting the very first time players can pick the gender of their character. The selection is purely visual and does not impact gameplay or the story. The player sprite for Kris is blue rather than red.
  • When going into an area, its name is presented on-screen. This feature is carried forward in all subsequent video games.
  • A number of areas have actually had their graphics changed:
  • The Bellsprout sculptures in Sprout Tower are now off-white instead of gold.
  • The Goldenrod Game Corner and Celadon Game Edge are both revamped with a different color design as well as a brand-new design for the slots.
  • The Goldenrod Radio Tower has a subtly various color scheme, and the 2nd flooring has actually been mostly redesigned with the addition of Buena's studio as well as new furniture.
  • The pond in National forest now has a fountain in the facility, and also a drinking fountain is added next to the benches in the south of the park.
  • The Melted Tower looks like a noticeably burnt-out structure on the outside. The inside is currently dark and also has a different layout.
  • The exterior of the Radiance Lighthouse has modified, with a brand-new home window design on top making it a lot more distinctly resemble a lighthouse.
  • The Ice Course is revamped with a bright blue ice-like look. A few of the puzzles within have likewise been altered.
  • Lance's area at the Indigo Plateau currently has a draconic appearance, with the generic statues in the area being replaced with Dratini sculptures.
  • The restaurants in Olivine City, Celadon City, and also Fuchsia City feature a brand-new style with a various color design.
  • In the Celadon Manor, there is an Easter propel the right side of the stairs that leads up from the roof's entrance/exit. Communicating with this wall surface yields the message "There's graffiti on the wall … added a moustache!"
  • Pokémon sprites are now computer animated.
  • Pokémon sprites have actually been updated:
  • Front sprites for every single Pokémon currently play a short animation upon entering battle as well as a longer one when the Pokémon's profile is watched. This feature had not been continued once again till Pokémon Emerald.
  • While the majority of the Pokémon retain their sprites from either Gold or Silver, specific Pokémon, such as Houndoom and also Croconaw, were provided new ones. This includes some Pokémon that had the same sprites in both Gold and Silver, like Sneasel and also Suicune.
  • The W Unown was revamped, and also its new design is used in all succeeding games.
  • A few Pokémon, such as Spinarak, Magnemite and also Sneasel, were recolored to a lot more very closely match their main art work.
  • Numerous of the Pokémon that were redrawn have various back sprites.
  • Particular Fitness instructors have different dialogue to Silver and gold.
  • Raikou, Entei, and Suicune have their own distinct battle motif when the player experiences them in the wild, making Crystal the initial game to sporting activity unique Epic Pokémon fight music.
  • The interface made use of during Video game Link Cord trades was revamped. Silver and gold utilized a straightforward black on white trading user interface that was identical to the one used in the Generation I video games, mostly to preserve compatibility with older Game Kid systems. In Crystal, the menus were revamped with full shade on a black background, a style which far better fits the abilities of the Video game Young Boy Shade.

Area changes

  • Turf is currently existing on the eastern side of Course 36, west of Violet City. In this grass, Growlithe can be captured, enabling gamers to acquire a Fire-type Pokémon a lot earlier than in various other variations (presuming they did not choose Cyndaquil), as well as making a huge distinction in the availability of Fire-types for locations like the Azalea Fitness Center and the Sprout Tower, where Fire-types are super effective.
  • Just like in the Japanese Pokémon Blue and all releases of Pokémon Yellow, adjustments are made to offered wild Pokémon:
  • Several Pokémon that were special to either Silver or gold, like Gligar and also Skarmory, can be located in Crystal. However specific varieties that were readily available in both versions, like the Mareep family, are not available in Crystal.
  • Sneasel shows up in the Ice Path, whereas in Silver and gold it can only be located in Mt. Silver.
  • Magmar can no longer be discovered in the Burned Tower, rather showing up exclusively in Mt. Silver.
  • Several of the wild Pokémon that appear in Kanto have been modified.
  • Mass episodes can now only occur with among 3 Pokémon instead of one of 7. Tauros, Marill as well as Snubbull are currently easily readily available in the wild, and the latter was transferred.
  • Some Pokémon that are offered whatsoever times of the day in Gold and Silver, like Smeargle or Tauros, are currently totally diurnal or nighttime.
  • Some instructor placements in the overworld have been adjusted.
  • A number of brand-new Instructors have been included, a few of which can just be fought when specific problems are met. As an example, Pokéfan Jaime on Course 39 can just be fought at night. Several of these new instructors won't lock eyes with the gamer, as well as when talked with will not play the "encounter" music before engaging in fight.
  • The Goldenrod Chain store features a new rooftop area. Sales are occasionally held here, which the gamer is informed concerning if Camper Todd's number is registered in the Pokégear.
  • The Blossom shop in Goldenrod City has actually been transferred a little better from the major street as well as embellished with blossoms, making it attract attention from the bordering structures.
  • A Fight Tower, the very first in the series, is currently existing to the north of Path 40.
  • Cianwood City has been a little broadened further northwards, with the enhancement of the Poké Seer's residence and also a tiny step.
  • The format of Mt. Mortar is significantly various contrasted to Silver and gold.
  • The Dragon's Den has received a number of alterations: the Dragon Shrine can be gotten in, some Headbutt trees are added straight behind Temple, as well as the Den itself is now inhabited with trainers.

Gameplay adjustments

  • Ho-Oh and also Lugia can just be captured after finishing the video game and also getting to Kanto. They are both at level 60.
  • Ho-Oh can be captured after Raikou, Entei, and also Suicune are all captured and also Eusine is talked to in Celadon City.
  • Lugia can be caught after getting the Silver Fly Pewter City, like in Pokémon Gold.
  • Adjustments have actually been made to the Damages of Alph. This consists of a lot more typical Unown, as well as a brand-new subplot– completing enough problems permits the player to review a secret message left by the Unown. It recommends that the Unown were left by the ancient world that created the Damages of Alph, which the statues that line the interior were made by those people.
  • Instructors that call the gamer on the cell phone now have distinct personalities (one speak about buying, another about brushing and so on), and call for reasons apart from fighting, such as providing the player products, or educating them of a rare Pokémon appearing (Wade provides the gamer Berries, Alan gives them a Fire Stone, etc.). In Silver and gold they all claim the exact same phrase, with just the names of the Pokémon they reference altering.
  • A brand-new radio show, Buena's Password, has actually been added. Gamers can pay attention out for a password on their Pokégear radio as well as tell Buena the password to receive points, which can be spent to retrieve rewards.
  • The feature to reset the appear non-Japanese and non-Korean variations of Gold and Silver stays, although it is currently more difficult to gain access to.
  • On the title screen, the player needs to initially hold the ↓, SELECT, and B switches.
  • While holding SELECT, they need to release ↓ and B.
  • Still holding SELECT, they must currently hold ← and also ↑.
  • Finally, the gamer must release SELECT.
  • Kurt can currently make numerous Rounds from same tinted Apricorns all at once.
  • The Odd Egg can be gotten from the Day-Care Guy after talking to him for the very first time.
  • 15 Pokémon have transformed level-up movesets; however, all except Suicune only have a single modification.
  • Some pests with the battle mechanics were dealt with; however, the game does a check when it detects a Link battle to use the older as well as buggy auto mechanics in order to maintain compatibility with Pokémon Silver and gold. This occurs even in between linked gamers of Pokémon Crystal games.
  • Likewise, the game additionally performs a check that partly transforms Kris right into Ethan at the Wire Club as well as Time Capsule rooms, even if all the players making use of the Wire Club rooms are especially playing Pokémon Crystal.
  • A Pokémon's friendship can be enhanced more effectively by training in the very same location where the Pokémon has actually been captured or hatched.
Remark jouer à The Tale of rom zelda sur PC
Même si vous ne vous identifiez pas en tant que joueur, il y a de fortes opportunities que vous ayez entendu parler de “The Legend of Zelda/”. C’est l’une des franchise business de jeux vidéo les plus réussies sur le plan review et business de l’histoire, avec dix-neuf entrées et divers effets -offs. En outre, The Tale of Zelda est apparu dans d’autres médias comme les bandes dessinées, la télévision et plus encore. Depuis la sortie du jeu initial en 1986, il s’ agit d’une série importante et influente, de nombreux titres de la franchise business étant considérés comme l’un des plus grands jeux vidéo jamais créés.

Quelle est la légende de Zelda?
Si vous n’avez jamais joué une entrée dans la série The Legend of Zelda, vous demandez peut-être de quoi il s’ agit. La franchise business est classée comme un jeu d’action-aventure avec des éléments de RPG. Dans le jeu, les joueurs prennent le contrôle d’un protagoniste nommé Web link, qui est souvent chargé de sauver le monde d’une variété d’antagonistes puissants.
Au fil des ans, il y a eu de nombreux ajouts et améliorations à la série, mais il y a des éléments de gameplay en chef qui restent dans chaque entrée. Les jeux sont souvent lourds d’exploration, avec la résolution d’énigmes et des séquences d’action ajoutées au mélange. De plus, les jeux récompensent les joueurs pour s’ engager dans des quêtes secondaires, souvent sous la forme d’objets utiles comme des armes ou des clés put accéder à de nouvelles areas.

The Tale of Zelda est-il disponible sur PC?
The Legend of Zelda a été principalement développé et publié the same level Nintendo, et la série principale de jeux a été développée exclusivement pour le matériel Nintendo, y compris les consoles domestiques et portables de la société.
Malheureusement, Nintendo n’ a jamais développé de jeu Zelda original put PC De plus, Nintendo a refusé de porter l’un des jeux existants de la franchise business Zelda sur PC. Cela signifie que les joueurs sur COMPUTER qui souhaitent essayer un jeu Zelda doivent d’abord mettre la primary sur une console Nintendo.

Remark jouer à The Legend of Zelda sur un COMPUTER.
Heureusement, ce n’est pas parce que Nintendo n’ a officiellement publié aucun jeu Zelda sur PC que vous ne pouvez pas y jouer sur un COMPUTER. Pour une série qui couvre dix-neuf titres sur trente-trois ans, chaque jeu Zelda mood sa propre arrangement système requise. Pour cette raison, les jeux Zelda auxquels vous pouvez jouer dépendront en grande partie des spécifications de votre COMPUTER. Par conséquent, un PC plus puissant est plus prone d’exécuter des jeux plus récents de la série.

Sites de streaming NES
Il existe un certain nombre de websites Internet qui hébergent d’anciens jeux rétro auxquels vous pouvez jouer directement dans votre navigateur. Beaucoup de ces sites proposent des jeux Nintendo classiques, y compris de nombreux titres de la série Zelda. Bien sûr, la légalité de ces websites est en suspens. Nintendo a la réputation d’être assez stricte en ce qui concerne ses anciens titres. Cela est principalement dû au fait que bon nombre de ces titres sont disponibles à l’achat numériquement. Nintendo est agressif put cibler ces sites et les obliger à supprimer les jeux qui, selon eux, enfreignent le droit d’auteur.
De plus, ces websites de streaming présentent d’autres inconvénients majeurs. Beaucoup d’entre eux sont “gratuits”. Bien sûr, cela signifie souvent que vous devrez gérer un nombre important d’annonces et de fenêtres contextuelles. De plus, vous serez limité aux titres Zelda auxquels vous pourrez jouer. Étant donné que vous jouerez dans votre navigateur, ne vous attendez pas à lire des titres au-delà de l’ère 16 bits. Enfin, bon nombre de ces sites utilisent Flash Gamer pour exécuter les jeux. Malheureusement, Flash a pas mal de problèmes de sécurité, de la collecte de données à l’installation de logiciels malveillants.

L’émulation des titres Zelda est la meilleure façon de les lire sur un PC. Put ce faire, vous aurez besoin de deux choses: un émulateur et un fichier ROM. Un émulateur est un logiciel qui imite le matériel d’origine de la console de jeu vidéo. Par conséquent, si vous souhaitez jouer au jeu initial Tale of Zelda, vous aurez besoin d’un émulateur NES. En plus de l’émulateur, vous aurez également besoin de la ROM du jeu. Avec ces deux choses, vous pouvez jouer pratiquement n’importe quel titre.
Les émulateurs sont développés et maintenus the same level une solide communauté de passionnés. La grande majorité des émulateurs disponibles sont open resource, ce qui signifie qu’ils sont gratuits à télécharger et à utiliser. Cependant, les ROM sont une autre histoire. Les ROM occupent une sorte de area grise juridique. Cela étant dit, le consensus général est qu’il est illégal de télécharger une ROM si vous ne possédez pas réellement le jeu. Pensez-y comme si vous piratiez un movie. Donc, si vous envisagez de jouer à un titre Zelda sur votre PC, procurez-vous une copie du jeu avant de télécharger la ROM.

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