AP Computer Science Exam Assessment

Back in March I attended the AP Computer Science Exam Preparation Day hosted by the National Venture Capital Association

We’re assumed to review all aspects of a study guide in preparation for the AP Computer Science test of our student.

This had been definitely incredible. Not only was it entertaining and enlightening beyond exactly what we studied, but also the themes went .

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The topics I found were for a study guide on how to use Google Docs, “task management” in Google Docs, “data science workflows” and why it’s important to use ETL to build programs that will run on many different computers without replacing existing files. And then it listed ways to use statistics to study the internet. It also covers the meaning of the word “micro-blogging”.

I did not get a chance to review all of this but it is extremely important to me as a student https://designlab.wisc.edu/graphic-essay who just took my AP Computer Science Exam. It would be very nice to have a study guide full of all of the above.

To be fair, though, it was a game! It wasn’t really anything difficult. However, it gave us a good reason to use our existing skills while enjoying learning and playing a new skill.

I mentioned in my last article about looking at the “big picture” in “game form” or in the case of data science, I may have looked at things too small. Of course, that isn’t the objective of the game.

Regardless, the goal of the game was to figure out how to learn in the real world through games. If that makes sense to you and it seems a little unclear, keep reading and I’ll explain.

First, keep in mind that there are two different types of people who study. Those who take pleasure in games and those who don’t. Therefore, you can think of each type of person and their style of learning as categories.


Second, remember that for people who enjoy games, studying in the real world is not the objective of their study. It’s only a means to the end of figuring out how to master games.

For example, someone who plays games like I’ve mentioned before, in which you have multiple characters to play as and compete with, may go to Twitter for a few minutes to check out the latest tweets and move onto the next one. Then they will continue on to the next character, repeating the process until the character that is the winner is defeated.

A person who studies computer science though, might work to understand the ways in which different website websites are designed. They may use a website like Latent Semantic Index (LSI) to find links and values within each website and then use Google Maps to see how that links are connected to other websites.

By remembering these differences, I hope that by the time you read this article, you can better prepare yourself for your AP Computer Science Exam. Start now.